(Oh my. Am I actually doing this? This is so exciting... But damn! the pressure is real. 'And the knees go shakity-shake', haha.
A brand-new blog, a kickass domain name, an overwhelming enthusiasm... What could possibly be missing? Oh, yes, an audience. The more I think about it though, the more I am convinced it is better this way. For now, at least. I mean, would you want thousands of people listening to you play the violin if you couldn't hit a note right? Me neither.)

Because this thing has to start somewhere

Here we are. You, me, the world. So many people with so many ideas, opinions, emotions. The question is, why should you care about me, about mine? You shouldn’t, that’s the point. Pretty ironic, isn’t it? (For the one writing to tell the one reading, you know.) Understand that I am nothing but a regular guy wandering in the immensity of everything else. I am no special snowflake, this blog is not to be a tribute to my genius. I would get bored, and so would you. After all, you did come here, and I feel like you are entitled to be entertained. I want to write, you want to read. Looks like we’re the perfect match, darling.

I don’t have a gift with words, and sometimes I just can’t say what’s on my mind, plus my thoughts aren’t better than anyone else’s — that’s for sure. Yet I like to think that I am somehow worth reading… For I write with love, and I truly believe in its power of making everything better… Nah, just kidding. Enough with those pseudo-powerful four-letter words already. Who cares what I think I am worth? Read my articles and think for yourself. By the way, something you need to know for the future: I hate it when bloggers, youtubers, whateverers ask their audience to ‘like, share, and subscribe’. Seriously, fuck this, fuck them. You’re grown-ups, for heaven’s sake, you know what to do if you want to do it. I’ve had enough of all this ‘spread the word’, ‘do you agree? leave a comment’, ‘subscribe to my channel and I’ll subscribe to yours’ bullshit. You will see none of this here. And if you do, I give you my permission to kill me with fire. Actually, that’s an order. I mean it.


Calvin & Hobbes – November 18, 1985 – © Bill Watterson

As this is my first-ever article — and because it’s kind of what this blog is supposed to be all about — allow me to share the final panel of the first strip of Calvin & Hobbes, aka the very moment the magic was born. For it’s pretty much what made me want to do all this. Not because I believe that I deserve to be listened to, but because I believe works of art of this kind (whatever their nature, as you shall see) deserve to be talked about. And worshiped, but that might just be me. Anyway, the very fact that you are on this blog now means that you have ended up on the dark side of the Internet. Yet again, I guess you can find what you are looking for there too.

So, welcome aboard, then?