As you might have seen already, I use a lot of pictures both for structuring my website and in my articles— and honestly the end of this trend is nowhere near in sight, I’m afraid. I usually put the sources of the media I upload at the same place (right below it, later in the paragraph, or at the very end), but if I can’t for some reason, you will find them all on this page. Don’t expect me to provide information about the pictures in here — this I usually do in the article where the media is to be found — I just want to share and make the originals available to you guys. I mean, I liked the pictures, you might like them too. It’s just in case one of you fell in love with one and is too shy to ask.
(Oh and, one more thing, not that I think it necessary to state the obvious, but this page will be frequently updated. So stay tuned, I guess?)


  • Journey (videogame): here
  • Mushishi (anime): here
  • V for Vendetta (movie): here
  • Breaking Bad (TV series): here
  • Calvin & Hobbes (book): here


  • Mad Men (TV series): here
  • Bon Iver (recent music): here
  • Inside Out (movie): here
  • Lolita (novel): here
  • Death Parade (anime): here